Current Board Agenda

Town Board Agenda


Pompey Town Board
Meeting Agenda

January 6, 2020

(This agenda is subject to additions, deletions and/or revisions.)

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Introductions
  3. Bookkeeper - Report
    1.  Approve payment of bills
    2.  Approve monthly bank reconciliation of Town Clerk and Town Supervisor           
    3.  Approval of monthly statement of Town Supervisor
    4.  Mortgage Tax payment Cazenovia College Pool Contract
  4. Town Clerk - Report
    1.  Approval of 1/2/20 meeting minutes
    2.  Monthly Clerk’s Report
    3.  Town Clerk account balance
    4.  Tax Collector account balance
    5.  Outstanding payments from J-D and F-M for tax collection services
  5. Attorney for the Town - Report
    1. Status of union negotiations with Town Highway Department
    2. Sewer District Agreement with Onondaga County
      1.                                     -explanation
      2.                                     -impact on taxpayers
      3.                                     -timeframe
    3. Consideration of Special Counsel appointment
  6. Highway Superintendent - Report
    1. Update on truck purchase, means of financing
  7. Town Board Members - Reports
    1.  Sheila - Communications Committee Website
    2. Judy - Resignation letter; Appointment of Town Custodian
    3. Ann - Ability to video-conference meetings
  8.  Town Supervisor - Report
    1. Status of turning in of town property/keys/records
    2. Town email accounts for Board members
    3. Approve attendance at February Association of Towns Annual Meeting
    4. Appoint delegate and alternate delegate to AOT Annual Business Meeting
    5. Contractual arrangement with Town Engineer
    6.  Discuss (proposed) changes to Enhanced Sheriff’s Services
    7.  Establishment of a Town Building Committee to determine infrastructure needs of town properties
    8. Search Committee to make recommendations to fill vacancies on Environmental Conservation Commission, Planning Board and Ethics Board -  list of candidates
    9. Meetings with NYS Assemblyman Al Stirpe and County Legislator/Chair Dave Knapp
    10. Special District for Brush pick-up for town developments
    11. Consolidated Drainage District to address drainage issues in northern part of town
    12. Town Policies
      1. Scrap Metal (attorney explanation)
      2. Disposition of Property
      3. Unexpended Account Balance
      4. Credit Card Policy
    13. Direct Deposit for town employees
    14. Audits - what is needed given change in administration; who does audit
  9. Solar Farm Overly District Local Law - Committee Report from John Shaheen
  10. Public Comment 
  11. Adjournment