Pompey is a large part of Onondaga County, consisting of 66.5 square miles.  Pompey is the highest inhabited spot in the county. The town offers quiet solitude and spaciousness, natural beauty and a rich historical heritage!  We celebrated our 200th Anniversary in 1994.

There are many recreation locations within the boundaries of our Town, and also some neighboring facilities that are within a short drive. The Pompey Club (private), and there are Onondaga County Parks which provide picnic facilities for both large and small, some cross country skiing, swimming and hiking as well. These are Pratts Falls, with Camp Brockway, Highland Forest Park, and Jamesville Beach. A short drive can also lead you to a choice of three Ski Area facilities; Toggenburg Mountain Winter Sports Center, Labrador Mountain and Song Mountain Resort for some winter fun.

The draft Hazard Mitigation Plan Update full document is now posted online and the official 30-day public review period begins today.  Please review the countywide chapters and your municipal annex – we are asking for any last outstanding final annex details and edits by March 29thin advance of the closure of the public comment period.  Our consultant team will be following up with you if you have outstanding items in your annex. 

The draft HMP Update is available here:



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